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Dr. Nalezny is a writer for the Minneapolis Exotic Pets Examiner. To visit her column on-line and view all past articles and slideshows, click here.

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Wednesday, January 5th is National Bird Day

A movement has been started to recognize January 5th as National Bird Day; a day to appreciate the beautiful wild birds in our environment as well as to take action to assist the plight of wild birds in captivity and in the pet trade.Many...

Tips for keeping herp habitats humid this winter

Anyone in Minnesota with a tropical reptile or amphibian dreads this time of year.  Keeping our house warm and toasty is fairly easy, but our homes become drier than usual consequently.  The average household boasts only a mere 20%...

Keeping your chicken flock cozy this winter

Recently Minneapolis experienced a snow emergency, which can be intimidating for new chicken flock guardians.  With the following tips and a little common sense caretakers can easily be prepared.First, make sure you have an area set-up inside...

Midwest Mischief Rat Lover's Club meeting

Rats make great companions too!

Adopting a gerbil in Minneapolis

Gerbils are great “pocket-pet” companions. Many stores offer gerbils for sale, but there are also many available for adoption in the metro area. Several groups that are primarily dog and cat shelters often have the occasional small and...

Gerbils are tiny, busy, friendly, playful, clean and lovable companions!

Gerbils enjoy playing with toys, exploring, chewing, burrowing in their bedding, and many like to be handled and cuddled.  Gerbils make excellent companions for those who have limited space and crave companionship.  Gerbils benefit from...

Ferrets: fun and fabulous companions for exceptional caretakers

Ferrets are domesticated carnivores that are believed to be descended from the European polecat.  Ferrets have been kept as companion animals for over 2000 years.  They are exciting pets, but should not be considered easy, inexpensive or...

Minnesota reptile show this Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Dargonesti, a green basilisk lizard, adopted from M.H.S. in 2001. Jaime Nalezny, D.V.M. This Sunday, April 25th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Minnesota Reptile Show will be taking place in Bloomington at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites. Admission to...

April 4th is World Rat Day

World Rat Day is April 4th. Joanne "Bella" Hogdes   Related articles Rats make great companions too! Rat-approved Minneapolis metro area adoption groups   Rat lovers will unite this weekend to celebrate World Rat Day on April...

Budgerigars- tiny but mighty popular parrots

Elise Rosen, "Maddy" Budgerigars (also known as parakeets or budgies) are one of the most beloved and popular pet parrots around. Of course, those of us who have shared our homes with them already know that. They are beautifully plumed,...

Rats make great companions too!

Motat was adopted in 2005 from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society and was a wonderful companion.  Jaime Nalezny, D.V.M. Rats are often overlooked when humans crave a new companion, but are excellent, lovable pets. Many of us love the...

Rat-approved Minneapolis metro area adoption groups

This curious little one if one of the many rats currently available for adoption. Photo credit: Windmill Animal Rescue I can’t tell you how many times I have seen rats for sale- thousands of times. When I was a teenager, I purchased my first...

Exotic pets featured at the Twin Cities Pet Expo

Amazingly agile Abigail clears a jump on the advanced rabbit agility course.  Photo credit:  Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society Always wanted an exotic pet but could never choose what pet would be right for you? Consider a trip to...

Articles featuring Dr. Nalezny

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Jaime Pajak (Nalezny), DVM: Taking A Road Less Traveled, Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services, MAARSianChronicles, Issue 13, August 2005 by Eileen McCarthy

Top notch vet new in Washburn, The County Journal, June 22 2006 by Barbara Brown Kreuser

Pet lover grateful for Washburn community, The Daily Press, July 19, 2007 by Jane Rhead