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At this time AEVHS is looking for an experienced avian, herp and small mammal technician! Please send us your resume!

We are currently offering appointments Monday-Thursday with continued extended hours Wednesday.

Avian & Exotic Veterinary Housecall Service, PLLC

Practice limited to birds, reptiles, amphibians, ferrets, rabbits, rodents and other small exotic animals.



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Prefer to call? Need to send a fax? You can reach me at (612) 520-1DVM (1386) or send me a fax at (800) 975-1624.

If you are e-mailing or calling to make an appointment, please list the following information:

If possible, please specify what time of day would work best for an appointment as well. Appointments are generally one hour in length. I am only available for avian housecalls currently on Mondays, Thursdays and after hours Fridays.