E.O. 20-51

Here’s the latest E.O. which pertains to the practice of veterinary medicine:


As of 5/6/20  we are currently only seeing urgent contactless appointments due to COVID-19  and the E.O.s 20-16 and 20-17

Beginning on May 11th, 2020 with the guidance of E.O. 20-51 we will again be seeing patients under very strict circumstances.


This will still not be “business as usual” but we will be able to offer our contactless appointments to  our patients who need care that is NOT ONLY considered urgent.


Please realize, we have many requests to see patients at this time and if you would like an appointment please e-mail   We will be prioritizing patients based on need at this time.


For the safety of you and our staff we will have a pre-screening questionaire and we will wear PPE as long as we  have it available, will avoid touching our faces, wash our hands frequently,  and pledge to limit contact.  We will not schedule any appointments if  our staff is not feeling well and also check for fevers daily.


For those of you who elect to have us see your pet on a contactless basis, or need to pick up any prescriptions or items for your pet, we ask that you please do adhere closely to your time slot to avoid contact with others and give us time to prepare items and disinfect any common areas.


If you arrange for a contactless appointment, please stay in your home until we call you,  do not greet us upon arrival as usual.

If you are arranging a drop off, please stay in your car and call 612-520-1386 when you arrive.

From here we will give you specific instruction on how we will arrange transfer and transport of your pet for care.


Questions??? Please call us at 612-520-1386.  We’ll return your call as soon as we’re able.

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