Update for the week of 7/13

Not much has changed lately.  We are still able to see our flighted patients on a drop-off contactless basis as well as with distance with the patient inside and our clients outside.  We are following all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and strive to keep everyone as safe as possible.


We are also able to accommodate in-vehicle exams with clients outside the vehicle or present via our telemedicine platform video.


We are able to see all others outdoors (including poultry and waterfowl), as well as on a drop off basis, and if the weather is not cooperative we do have the ability to see non-flighted animals in a shelter or the vehicle.


Detailed husbandry consultations are still available via our telemedicine platform, as are visits for current clients.  The fastest way to reach me is here.


We are back to seeing appointments Monday-Thursday with after-hours availability as needed.  If you need to make an appointment please click here.  I will be unavailable from July 30th-August 3rd.


Hope you are all having a safe and wonderful summer!


Dr. j.