Husbandry consultations

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For Telemedicine appointments 

please enter code WBOOBTCWBO

We perform our exams where the patient is comfortable, and we are very adaptable!  Here, Dr. J examines a rescued Congo African grey.


Nutritional consultations

oscar eating

We offer a variety of consulting, in home, and on site services

Our in house lab allows for same day laboratory results for exotic animals.

Herp blood
lab services

Point of care laboratory on site


We can offer in home critical care when appropriate, decreasing stress for clients and patients.

We have a lengthy list of services, please reach out if you have questions!

We provide a wide variety of services from exams to medical treatment, site visits, behavioral consultations, laboratory services both in house and out, minor procedures under sedation, portable anesthesia, health certificates, pharmaceutical services and in home care.